Ma and I love BBQ, we love the spices, the smell, the wait and of course the taste.  There is nothing like the anticipation of good BBQ.  But let me indulge in a bit of BBQ humor on the most important subject of your / my life… Ma and I don’t want to be BBQ’d ourselves. 

There are a few things in life that are truly important and we think the most important thing is where we’ll spend eternity.  We are both going to live in Heaven, not because we think we’re good enough or that we’re hoping that God grades on a (big) curve or we hope our good outweighs our bad.  The bottom-line is this, God see’s us as sinful people, those who broke His laws.  Let me explain… answer these questions honestly and you’ll see where I’m coming from.

1. Have you ever told a lie?  Seriously, have you?

2. Have you ever stolen something?  Regardless of value.

3. How about this, have you ever used God’s name as a cuss word?

4. Committed Adultery?  Let me re-ask this one since Jesus said, “If you look at a woman with lust you have committed Adultery in your heart.”  So, have you ever lusted after someone in your heart?

5. How about murder anyone?  Jesus said anyone who hates someone has committed murder in their heart.  So, have you ever hated anyone?

If you haven’t noticed, these are some of the 10 Commandments… yes, the Old Testament 10 Commandments.  They happen to be God’s standard for entering Heaven.  I don’t know about you but I’ve broken all of these, some more often than others.  So, I’m going to ask, have you broken ANY of the commandments?  If God were to judge you based on the 10 commandments (and He will on Judgment Day) would you be Guilty or not guilty?  Those found guilty WILL go to Hell.  Those found not guilty WILL go to Heaven.

I would be found guilty.

I know you’re going to throw out the arguments “But God is love”, “God is a forgiving God” and of course, “I’m not that bad!”  Well, you’re right in that God is love and God is forgiving… but the idea of you aren’t that bad will be good enough to keep you out of jail or away from IRS troubles but God will not judge you against others, you will be judged against God’s standard of perfection, yep, the 10 commandments.  The Bible says if you break one part of the law (10 Commandments) you’ve broken them all, it’s called sin!  You see, every sin will need to be paid for.  God being the judge is looking for a guilty / not guilty verdict.  If you break the law 1 time you’re guilty.  God says the soul that sins shall surely die.  Sin must be atoned/paid for.

Like I said, Ma and I will live in Heaven, but how can the guilty live in Heaven?  Only if they are found not guilty (innocent).  God being the judge demands payment for sin.  What God did for Ma and I is paid the fine for our sins.  He did this Himself when He sent His only Son Jesus, who died on the cross on our behalf.  Jesus offered up Himself to God as a payment for my sins and Ma’s sins and your sins and in fact, the Bible says He offered Himself as a sacrifice for the sins of the world (all mankind).  He then rose from the dead and offers eternal life to all those who repent of their sins and believe in Him.  God demands payment for EVERY sin and Jesus satisfies ALL that God demands.  Since the payment has been fully satisfied God can (and does) rightly declare us not guilty!  God, through Jesus Christ offers us eternal life in Heaven to all who believe in Christ Jesus.

Eternity is a long time to be wrong.

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